Jolyon Goodman talks about his new book about Curnow Vosper, painter of the most iconic painting of wales.


Richard Toogood a Heritage Carpenter talks to us about his work

Richard Toogood visits St johns hall Gallery Barmouth


How to edit artists’ pages on Helfa Gelf website

This video is a reminder for ourselves, but posted here in case it is of use to any other artists participating in Helfa Gelf, North Wales’ biggest open studio event.

This is the first year that St John’s Hall Gallery is participating in Helfa Gelf. It takes place in September each year. The gallery is open every day in September 11am to 5pm. For details see our web page on Helfa Gelf site here


bee swarm june 5 st johns hall gallery 2015

On Wednesday Jasper brought a Greek hive to prepare, in the hope of capturing a swarm of bees. He added ‘foundation’ to the frames, and left a chunk of honeycomb. Then he sprinkled the innards with a special fial of liquid that smelt of lemon, found a nice sunny spot outside the gallery, and left the hive, bathed in sunlight.
In 2 or 3 hours, attracted by the multiple posters around the town advertising the exhibition about superorganisms, the bees arrived. Maybe they came first as robbers, but more and more of them came, creating a fair stir around the hive all evening. The next day they were still busy, but when I came to the studio on Friday morning I found that a whole swarm had arrived. This video captures only the end of the swarm as it housed itself.


St Johns Hall Gallery in 2010.

When we moved into the hall in 2010 for a 2 week exhibition, we had no idea that we would still be there 5 years later. This video was made by Alyosha Barnes showing the interior of the gallery in those early days. In some ways I prefer it to the more polished interior of today.