A Selection of Comments, Handwritten in the Visitors Book

What a lovely find – love what you’ve done here – The mural on the back wall is beautiful. Eve Dugdale, Stalybridge, Manchester

Like what you’re doing here and the space you’ve found to do it in. Keep going, it’s Great! Sayed, Isreal 16/3/15

Thank you for your time. The gallery is amazing. Could spend all day just looking, gazing at the wall. Nick and Sharon Watkin 1/1/15

A wonderful collection reaching back into time and history. The colours and imagination were terrific. Christine Horth from Sidmouth, Devon

Love this stuff… Some suitably disturbing!!

An excellent range of modern expressionism, impressionism and all forms of contemporary art. Impressive but subtly lit. Ian Whitwood 27/8/14

A fantastic secluded piece of serenity. So many inspirational works. Jess and Russ (Chester)

Inspirational fantastic work Louise (Birmingham)

Interesting, different Stella & Don, Manchester

Good to make time for serious and important issues Andrea, Bristol

Second Visit. Just had to buy one. Fantastic Gallery Pete Guilt, Next Door Bar, Albrighton

Excellent as ever! Wonderful art and great ambience! We’ll be back Steve Iles

What an interesting perspective on life this artist has! (In a good way).


Really great to see such artistic intelligence in space here in Barmouth. Fantastic!! Clare Maynard

An inspiring project and an impressive life’s work. Eileen & Jenny Agden

Never seen anything like this before – very clever.

Always a stimulating experience to visit here Bernard Young

Beautiful – it improves very year. Many thanks, Ed.

Extraordinary work. Very clever. Amazing talent. Many thanks!

Wishing every success to you – great place. Amazing artwork.

Amazing artwork, I have definitely been inspired by this work. Absolutely stunning. Thanks.

Fantastic exhibition. Spread your work far and wide. Helen

“Entrance to the Garden of Paradise” The most stunning work I have seen for years!!! John Simpson

An amazing find – something I would never have expected – really made the holiday.

A very interesting and unusual experience with lots of fabulous works on display! Stunning wall painting. Thank you. Richard (Bristol)


Excellent discovery – a good reason to return to Barmouth.

A wonderful space full of wonderful work! Ian Bourne (Ian Bourne Art)

I’m so pleased I walked up the hill – a wonderful experience

Fantastic, peaceful place. What makes Barmouth what it is. Phil and Beth

This is wonderful work. Creative and very rewarding to witness. I like the development and deep thinking. Good luck for further development in the future. Robert Cox

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be astounded by your amazing artwork and for taking the time to talk to us – you are an inspiration. Amy Blackwell

Thank you very much, your work is breathtaking! Thank you for giving me the chance to sing for you, I love the acoustics! Tony Green



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