Plans for an animated film are hatched during Atelier Day

Jasper Elgood describes his ideas for an animated film entitled ‘Egg Heads’. He plans to make the film in St Johns Hall Gallery during the Thursday ‘Atelier Days’ when the gallery is open to other artists to gather to work on projects that may be exhibited in a group show in the summer.

The work will make use of our new Media Centre in the gallery. Plans are being discussed for the formation of a film cooperative at the gallery, where technical skill needed for film making can be learned and shared, and projects worked on.


First Atelier Day at the Gallery

This beautiful video was created on the first Atelier day by Karen. Every Thursday artists are invited to join us, to work towards an exhibition next summer. Karen spent the day putting together a video of prepared images with music to show in the Gallery cinema. Also available on YouTube.

Atelier Day Information: Every Thursday 11am – 5pm

Image details: École des Beaux-Arts – Atelier de Peintre. ‘Students painting “from life” at the École. Photographed late 1800s. Public domain

Image details: École des Beaux-Arts – Atelier de Peintre. ‘Students painting “from life” at the École. Photographed late 1800s. Public domain

Every Thursday from 11am to 5pm in St Johns Hall Gallery. Parking is available.

Artists who wish to be involved in the Atelier Days can make contact by telephoning Bernard at 07767862382, emailing to or, better still, visiting the gallery and booking your working area. First come, first served. There will be space for about 6 artist.

Each artist should bring along a piece of work they are currently involved in, or they may begin some new project. Bring easel and paints or whatever materials you use, whatever medium. We will provide a good working area, as much advice and help as we can give, a kitchen for drinks etc. We have a proto-library of art books and reference material and will soon have access to the internet. Work on video art is possible with the equipment we have.

The idea is to work towards a group show in the gallery next summer. The artists may wish to work individually or in groups.

During the day visitors may wander in from the street to look around the gallery, which will remain open except during any life drawing sessions we may wish to organise. There will be opportunity to interact with the public and fellow artists, and a time will be set aside at the end of the day for a general critique.

Each session will cost £10



St Johns Hall Gallery: What’s on this September?

Poster advertising activities in the Gallery in September

Exhibition of Paintings

2 Resident Artists – Bernard Barnes and Reyna Rushton
2 Guest Artists – Sasha Barnes and Clyde Holmes

Music on the Stage

Recorder music each Wednesday 1:30-3:30
Occasional practices by other musicians visiting the Gallery

Introduction to Tai Chi

Led by Jan Wolf each Wednesday 4-5pm (make a donation)

Other activities and services

  • Gallery Cinema – varied programme of videos connected with the gallery and the art world
  • Gallery Library – A collection of interesting and eclectic books to look through
  • Free Wifi – due to arrive soon
  • Workshops and Atelier Days – Atelier days every Thursday 11am-5pm £10 see link

Some thoughts on an Atelier Day

École des Beaux-Arts - Atelier de Peintre

For image details see footnote

By using the French word for ‘studio’ I am trying to get away from the idea of ‘workshop’ or  ‘art classes’ and emphasize the idea of an ‘open studio’.

According to this concept a day would be reserved, each week or fortnight, when other artists, professional or serious amateurs, could share the studio space to continue with a project that that they are already engaged in or wish to inaugurate. They would bring with them their materials and easels etc and each have an area of the hall in which to work.

The resident artists would be available for discussion and advice, and the other artists also would enable interaction and the sharing of experience and knowledge. The internet and gallery library would likewise be available for reference and inspiration.

At periods during the day all those attending could break for a session of life drawing, or a demonstration of techniques used by artists, stretching canvases, priming, making oil paint, techniques etc.

At the end of each session we can hold a group critique.

All those attending the ateliers could make work leading up to a group show during next years gallery programme.

Each artist would contribute a fee of £10 towards the gallery costs.

There are many artists groups in the area who could be approached about this idea. Likewise we would advertise on the website, twitter, facebook and anywhere else we can think of. Posters also can be put up around the town.

Image details: École des Beaux-ArtsAtelier de Peintre. ‘Students painting “from life” at the École. Photographed late 1800s. Public domain