Hakim, a Moroccan Artist, visits St Johns Hall Gallery and demonstrates the art of calligraphy

Hakim demonstrates the making of the pen, the mixing of the ink and the drawing of several famous caligraphic styles from around the Arab world.


Art on a large scale with a political message: Cable Street Mural

Artists Paul Butler and Linda Jane James visited the gallery and talked about their work on various murals including the Cable Street Mural in London. This is the video of the conversation mostly with Paul.

Another video interview with more detail about the mural at Cable Street is here:

Images of the mural at Cable Street can be found via Google search. The mural represents the Battle of Cable Street which took place on Sunday 4 October 1936 in Cable Street in the East End of London. It was a clash between the Metropolitan Police, overseeing a march by the British Union of Fascists, led by Oswald Mosley, and anti-fascists, including local Jewish, socialist, anarchist, Irish and communist groups. The mural has been damaged by malicious attack various times and has been restored again, which is mentioned in the second video above. More information about this mural can be found at http://cablestreetmural.tumblr.com/.

Another mural that Paul and Linda mentioned they have been involved in restoring is the Hackney Peace Carnival Mural.

Paul talked about a paint system, keim paint, a pure pigment paint system used for the murals, which is available commercially in the UK from http://www.keimpaints.co.uk/.

Plans for an animated film are hatched during Atelier Day

Jasper Elgood describes his ideas for an animated film entitled ‘Egg Heads’. He plans to make the film in St Johns Hall Gallery during the Thursday ‘Atelier Days’ when the gallery is open to other artists to gather to work on projects that may be exhibited in a group show in the summer.

The work will make use of our new Media Centre in the gallery. Plans are being discussed for the formation of a film cooperative at the gallery, where technical skill needed for film making can be learned and shared, and projects worked on.

First Atelier Day at the Gallery

This beautiful video was created on the first Atelier day by Karen. Every Thursday artists are invited to join us, to work towards an exhibition next summer. Karen spent the day putting together a video of prepared images with music to show in the Gallery cinema. Also available on YouTube.